Available soon, Arneg USA’s new vertical plug-in.

The Winston: a new sleek and robust vertical display case which presents all the credentials to be a focal point in your store.

In June 2019 the production lines of Arneg USA will see the coming of this new plug-in merchandiser with superior display capacity and loading potential thanks to its deep shelves throughout. Additionally, the glass ends allow a wider view of the product on display.

It features a front bumper and custom exterior finishes and trims.

Efficient and sustainable thanks to the eco-friendly refrigerant, the Winston will be available in 4' and 6' version.

•             Overall dimensions will be 82 1/4" H X 35 3/8" D.

•             Internal dimensions will be 53 1/4" H X 23 1/2" D.

Meticulously designed to offer solutions for a variety of stores and display locations.

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