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The Arneg Group has a consolidated presence throughout Europe, with a large number of production plants and sales offices serving all the main markets and maintaining close ties with the distribution network and end customers. From the north to the south of the Old Continent, the companies in the Arneg Group supply a wide range of products and solutions that stand out for their unique ability to combine high performance, ecologically sustainable innovation, energy optimisation and saving and genuine Italian design.



Our Group has been represented on the African continent for many years, and is expanding and developing continuously. This presence is now being reinforced with the construction of a new operating unit capable of satisfying the needs of an extremely interesting emerging market.



The Arneg Group has long been present in South America and has major production plants in Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Arneg sales offices serve a large share of the market. Though the North American market is culturally quite distinct from the European market, it has great potential for the Arneg Group and two large production plants have been opened, one in Canada and one in the USA, to cater for North American needs in true Italian style.



The Arneg Group is a traditional market leader in Korea where it has achieved excellent sales results since the 1990s through an intelligent sales policy and a complete range of excellent products and services. The Group has also expanded to the rest of Asia where it serves customers through a network of representatives. The second Russian factory in Novosibirsk serves not only the Siberian and the Far East markets of Russia, but also the Urals and the countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. The Arneg Group has a highly successful subsidiary in Sydney which ensures a strong commercial presence and a large market share throughout Oceania where, as market leader, the Arneg Group serves both national and international customers.