Butcher, fishmonger, bakery… and behind them all, the storage area

This third day of Europshop tells you all about extreme customisation.

How? By exposing you to a sound-and-image experience in our special INSIDE THE PROJECT, Customisation immersive room.

Enter this room and you are literally “immersed” in Arneg's design and production process and surrounded by a video projected simultaneously in front of you, to both sides and on the floor. The room takes you INSIDE the story of an Arneg product from concept to design, assembly, shipment, installation and use.

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Here, our Melting Pot, the multiculturalism and values that set the Arneg Group aside from its competitors, take form before your eyes as unique creations of advanced technology and spirit.

The same spirit is also to be found in our butcher and fishmonger areas, thanks to refrigerated cabinets and technologies designed to maintain the original organoleptic qualities of the foods on display. Our high-tech heart beats in a well-oiled machine that functions as part of a complex and organised system. And this is backed up by an equally organised “supply system”: an Incold storage area with doors and cold room of the latest generation.  

If you can't make it to see them in person, here is a photo gallery of our butcher, fishmonger and bakery areas.

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